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Authentication and account creation

SourceSup is an application that is part of the federation Education-Research. The members of the institutions related to this federation can therefore connect to SourceSup via authentication platform of their establishment.

To connect to SourceSup, you must click on the link “authenticate me / create account” button at the top right of the interface. After that, there are two possibilities to authenticate SourceSup :

  • for members of an institution attached to the identity federation, simply select their settlement in the list and to connect with their login / password of their settlement account.
  • For others, it is possible to connect with a CRU account (get one, see here).

With the evolution removing letters of commitment and approval of projects, new accounts CRU will no longer create projects SourceSup because they do not offer sufficient security (CRU account can be created without specific validation) . SourceSup remaining part of higher education and research, we need to ensure people creating projects on our platform.

If using a CRU account to log in SourceSup and that you are part of the identity federation of higher education and research (see the list here), you can no longer use your CRU account and keeping your sourcesup account and projects.

To do that, email this information to support :

  • email of the CRU account
  • email of your establishment

A simple replacement of mail, and it will work. If these two messages are the same, then there is nothing to do, just log on to the platform of your institution, not with authentication accounts CRU.

The first successful authentication on SourceSup, you'll be redirected to a SourceSup account creation page. You will need to complete certain fields, such as a password that will be used to use SVN and Git.

This SourceSup account is linked to your email in the base SourceSup, so if you change email associated with your institution or account CRU account, consider changing your email in SourceSup too. If you encounter a problem, contact the support service.
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