Create an Evento

  • To create an Evento, click on “PLAN AN EVENTO”

Tab "General"

  1. Enter a title
  2. You can change the closing date, which by default is fixed to one month after opening.

    The Eventos are kept 6 months after the creation date, then they are permanently deleted.

  3. You can enter a description
  4. Click on “Advanced Options” to select additional options for your Evento.

Advanced options :

  1. Limit number of participants :
    • if the option is enabled, only the number of participants that you specified will be able to respond to the Evento.
    • « Example: if you invite 100 people to answer a survey that can hold 50 participants. You limit the answers to the first 50 participants. »
  2. Disable answer edition :
    • Participants may only answer one time to the survey. Once the answers are submitted, they cannot be edited .
    • « Example : Your participants can only respond once to the survey. Once the survey is submitted, they can not go back and edit their answers »
  3. Don't be notified when a participant answers :
    • if this option is activated you will not receive a notification e-mail each time a participant responds to your Evento.
  4. Hide the answers of other participants :
    • if this option is activated, each participant won't be able to see the answers of other participants.
  5. Hide comments of other participants :
    • if this option is activated, each participant won't be able to see the comments of other participants.
  6. “Save draft” :
    • At any time you can save a draft of your Evento.
      This will create a draft that you can edit later (through “MANAGE My EVENTOS” ) to finalize the Evento.
    • When you save a draft, you see this confirmation message :
  7. To go to the questions tab, click on “Next” :

Tab "Questions"

Your can add one or more questions into your Evento.

  • To add a question click on one of the two buttons :

Add date question

A date question will allow you for example to fix the date of a meeting, or the day of open doors of your organization, etc…

  1. Set a title for your question
  2. Unique choice :
  3. Enable Maybe answer :
  4. Select the date proposal :
    • Click on the field to access the calendar, or type the date directly.
  5. Select the hour proposal :
    • « Example: you can propose several possible times in the same day for a meeting »
    • this is optional, if you leave the fields empty, only the date will be taken into account.
  6. With the “+” icon you can add an other hour proposal for the same date.
  7. Add date :
    • Click to add a date proposal,
  8. This icon allows you to duplicate dates proposals
  9. The trash icon next to the hour proposal allows you to delete it
  10. The trash icon next to the date proposal allows you to delete it
Time slot

  • By selecting the box “Time slot” , you propose, no longer simple hours, but time slots
  • You will always find the same features described with each date.
Days slots

  • If in addition to “Time slot” you check “Whole days” , you will propose slots of days

Whole day
  • If you select only “Whole day” , you make proposals of days without hours.

Add an other question

  • You can then add an another question, for example a “Add another question” .
    A “Add another question” allows you for example to propose a choice of an activity or a place.

  1. Set a title for your question
  2. Set a title for your first Suggestion
  3. set a title for every variante of your Suggestion
    • a variant is a choice for your Suggestion : for example we can put “Tea, Coffee, Fruit juice” in variants of “Drink”
    • This one is optional, if you leave the fields empty, only the Suggestion will be taken into account.
  4. The “+” icon allows you to add a variant
  5. This icon allows you to duplicate the variants for all the Suggestions of the question
  6. “Add a suggestion” :
    • Click to add a proposal to the question
  7. The trash icon next to “Suggestion x” removes the Suggestion from the question
  8. As said above, you can make a Suggestions without any variant
  9. “Delete question”
    • Click to remove the question completely

Compressed view

  • “Display a compressed view” : if you have a lot of questions in your Evento, displaying this view allows you to see all of your questions and rearrange them as needed.

  • To rearrange your questions, simply drag and drop the question up to down

Detailed view

  • “Display a detailed view “: this button takes you back to your detailed questions

Advanced options :

Advanced options for questions allow you to define Constraints on questions.

  1. Liste numérotéeListe à puceClick on “Advanced Options” to scroll the constraints table
  2. Select the question
  3. Select the suggestion
  4. Select the type of the constraint
  5. Enter the value of the constraint
  6. Click on “Validate” to save the constraint

  1. Liste numérotéeThe trash icon allows to remove the constraint
  2. Click on “Add a constraint” to add more

Tab "Inviting replier"

In this tab you will be able to set access to your Evento, and save a guest list by adding their e-mail address.

  1. The information icon gives you a description of the types of access when you move the mouse over
  2. Here you select the type of access you want for your Evento
  3. “Enable anonymous answers”
    • This option is available only in the case of an Evento open to “Everyone” (public).
    • When activated, participants are not required to enter their Name and email address.
  4. You can make this information message disappear by closing it
  5. “Add guest”
    • Click to access the entry field of a new guest
  6. “Don't receive a copy of the invitation”
    • When creating an Evento, by default you receive the invitation email. As an organizer, if you do not want to receive it, enable this option.

Setting guest emails

Add a guest email

  • After clicking on “Add Guest” , you will have access to the input field to add the guests emails.
  • Enter the mail address and validate.

  • When an email address is saved, you can edit it or delete it.
Multiple entry

  • To register multiple guests at once, enter multiple email addresses in the entry field separated by ”;” (or “a space” , or a “,” ) then validate.

  • The list is saved, and you can always edit or delete.

Preview the survey

  • “Preview the survey”
    • Click to activate preview.

  • You will then access the preview version of your survey. To return to creation

Create the survey

  • “Create the survey”
    • Click to finalize the survey creation.

  1. Here is the link to access your Evento
  2. The icon copy allows you to copy the link to the clipboard
  3. The window is displayed 10s, then you are redirected to “Manage my Eventos”
  4. You can make the window disappear without waiting 10s by clicking on “OK”