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RENATER test federation

You can test your resource installation, configuration and working within the Test federation. This Test federation is not usable for resources in production, and there are no warranties for its availability and durability.

Anyone can declare an identity provider or a resource in the Test federation, without prior authorization or paper, everything is done online.

To test Shibboleth software, you can also use the TestShib service.

How to register in the Test federation

Use the federatrion registry.

Access to the web form requires prior authentication with a CRU account.

If you face a problem, please contact us.

Metadata for the Test federation are provided on the metadata page

RENATER provides a DS for the test federation :

Performing tests with the Test identity provider

Once you have registered your resource in the Test federation, you can try to authenticate with the test identity provider (IdP). This IdP contains two different account:

  1. student 1: username = etudiant1 / password = etudiant1
  2. student 2: username = etudiant2 / password = etudiant2
  3. An affiliate (library-walk-in): username = lecteur1 / password = lecteur1
  4. an employee: : username = personnel1 / password = personnel1

You can see the user's attributes it can provide if you connect to the test resource choosing the test identity provider in the drop-down list called Fédération Education-Recherche - IdP de Test.

Deactivated for now : The error logs of the test IdP above are available on this page.