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Discovery service

The discovery service provided by RENATER consists of a web application that supports the WAYF (Shibboleth) and Discovery Service (SAML2) protocols, enabling the user of a federated service to choose his home identity provider from a list automatically built from the metadata of this federation.

The service offers three different endpoints, corresponding to three different federations:

By default, the interface also proposes in each case the use of the CRU IdP, which is not registered in the Fédération Éducation-Recherche.
The display of this feature can be disabled by adding the option cru=no to the URL, e.g. :

Be careful, the fact of proposing or not to the user the use of IdPs external to the federation is independent of the trust given to these IdPs, which are configured at the SP level (by explicitly integrating their metadata).
The list of identification possibilities offered to the user must therefore be consistent with those actually recognized by the service, otherwise you risk user access failure to the service.
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