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Federation Tools

Federation registry

The federation registry is an online service, allowing federation contacts from the Education & Research community to manage their SAML entities (identity and service providers), and to subscribe them in one or several federations managed by RENATER. It also allows an unauthenticated access to public informations about those entities.
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Testing tools

The panel of test tools offered by RENATER allows you to test the proper functioning of your identity or service provider in different federations (test federation, Fédération Éducation-recherche or eduGain federation).
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Discovery service

The discovery service provided by RENATER is a web application that allows the user of a service registered in a given federation to choose his identity provider from a list automatically build from the metadata of this federation.
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CRU accounts service

The CRU accounts service offered by RENATER allows users whose home organization does not have an identity provider to create a user account to access certain services of the federation.
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