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Frequently asked questions about CRU accounts

A CRU account is a user account allowing to authenticate to access restricted web services provided by RENATER. Some other services, provided by Universities, can also be accessed through a CRU account.

RENATER does not maintain a list of CRU-account-enabled services ; but such services will provide links for the users to create CRU accounts. Most of the time, only users which institution does not provide a Shibboleth authentication service, will require the a CRU account.

Test accounts, disposable emails, temporary emails are not allowed on CRU accounts.

Some online applications do not manage anymore local user accounts. Thus they rely on CRU accounts. When you have a CRU account, you can connect to those applications, except if your institution appears in the page In this case, you do not need a CRU account, you can use your home institution account to connect to the application.

In both cases, you have only one account to access to several applications.

Here is the list of the applications to which you can access with you CRU account:

  1. Then you will receive an email to activate your account ; If you don't receive this email, you renew the activation process by clicking on Inactive account ?;
  2. Click on the link mentioned in this email to confirm the creation of your account;
  3. Your account is activated and usable. You will receive another email to confirm this.
  4. Before your first login, you must initialize your password by clicking Lost Password ?.
Test accounts, Disposable or temporary email addresses are forbidden.
A CRU account is only usable by a person (no bots).

Emails are send by Don't remove them: it's not a SPAM.

Go to this page fill in your email address. You will receive an email and you will be able to define a new password.

Go to this page fill in your email address. You will receive an email and you will be able to define a new password.

  • Choose My account link and access your profile informations. Select change your email address link;
  • You will receive an email in your new email address box;
  • Follow the instructions on this email to finish your email address change.

It depends: If your CRU account associated email address is the one delivered by your organization identity provider you do not need anymore a CRU account. If the email address differ then you should probably keep your CRU account. In fact, many resources use the authentication based on email address. But, if some resources rely on your unique CRU account identifier attribute (see EPPN or PersistentID) you should continue using your CRU account.

In most cases, if your institution appears in the discovery service page, you should use your home institution's account.

If your institution appears in the list of the page, you no more have to use a CRU account. However it is possible that you are still automatically redirected to the CRU account authentication page, CRU account authentication page. To reset your preferred identity provider, go to the page then choose your new identity provider.

  1. Log in;
  2. Click on 'My account' link, then on 'Delete this account';
  3. Fill in your password to confirm the deletion of your account.

Contact us as soon as possible, so that we deactivate your account (email address contact at the top of this page).

  • the data you provide when you created your account;
  • the logs of the connections with your CRU account.
No data is collected about the usage of the applications to which you are connected with your CRU account.

A part or the totality of the informations of your CRU account can be transmitted to the applications that you may access with it. Only required data needed for a smooth operation of an application are transmitted and uniquely when you access that application. The data is not transmitted to any third party. The informations related to the use of the CRU account by its owner are only destined to the technical administrators of the CRU account manager. The data collected is only intended for anonymous statistics and users support purposes. The data can only be used for inquiry in the case of police or justice authority summons legally well-addressed.

3 months for administration purpose.
1 year for authority inquiries.

Users have the right to access to their personal data by using the RENATER Support Portal. They can delete their account and thus delete all the informations related to them. (See above “how do I delete my CRU account?”)

If you have any issue with your CRU account, please use the RENATER Support Portal.

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