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Opening of the federation Éducation-Recherche service

Since 2006, more and more higher education institutions and commercial content providers have been showing interest in the CRU federation. Besides the CRU higher education community, other French institutions (research and education) have started to deploy federation technologies.

In order to offer a service to the whole French higher education and research community, GIP RENATER, the French Research and Education Network, has decided to start a federation service. This new federation service will take over from the CRU federation which will close soon. GIP RENATER and CRU will jointly operate this federation.

The federation Éducation-Recherche

The federation Éducation-Recherche offers a trust and technical framework which allows its participants to secure and ease the access to web resources, through identity federation mechanisms. The federation puts in contact resources managers offering services, applications, contents, etc. and identity providers managing accounts for the users willing to access these resources.

Any organisation already registered as a RENATER user (ie with an Agreement) can register in the federation as a member and then declare an identity provider and some resources. Thus, and contrary to the CRU federation, research institutes and other higher education institutions depending on different minitries can act as identity providers.

Any other kind of organisation (association, private company, whether French or foreign) willing to propose a service of interest for the French higher education and research community can register in the federation as a partner and then declare one or more resources in the federation.

The registration conditions and process are available here.

Schedule of the opening of the federation Éducation-Recherche

The federation Éducation-Recherche will open in a pilot phase on the Monday, December 8th 2008. Members and partners can register in the federation as from this date. During this pilot phase, participants can make sure that their resources and/or identity providers will be operational when the production phase starts.

The federation Éducation-Recherche will then go in production in February 2009. All members and partners already registered during the pilot phase will remain in the federation, without any further procedure. Of course new members and partners can still subscribe to the federation after the beginning of the production phase.

What about current members of the CRU federation ?

We invite the current members of the CRU federation (both identity and service providers) to register to the federation Éducation-Recherche as soon as possible. The CRU federation will be closed only when the federation Éducation-Recherche will start its production phase. Therefore there will not be any service interruption for end users.

The CRU federation team will help the current members of its federation to migrate to the federation Éducation-Recherche. A transition guide is available.

Schedule of the transition from the CRU federation to the federation Éducation-Recherche