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How to become a partner in the federation Éducation-Recherche

Registration to the federation Éducation-Recherche is free.

Partners and Members

There is two ways to register for the federation :

  • As a member organisation
  • As a partner organisation

Member organisations can declare an identity provider and as many resource providers as needed. A Member organisation is an organisation entitled to use the RENATER network with an up-to-date agreement with GIP RENATER. Partner organisations can declare resource providers. Any type of organisation can become Partner of the Federation: public entity, association, French or foreign private company.

Becoming a partner

As a partner in the federation Éducation-Recherche, you will be able to declare one or more resources. We assume that you already know what is an identity federation, its purpose, the way it works… If not, you can gather more information on the Shibboleth website. You can also contact us.

To learn about the terminology used in the federation Éducation-Recherche, please read the glossary.

To become a partner in the federation Éducation-Recherche follow these instructions:

  1. read the Federation Partner Charter and its appendix available at this page, make sure that you can assume the partner's responsibilities;
  2. make sure that your application is technically compatible with identity federation technology;
  3. read the Technical Framework and make sure it is compatible with your Service Provider software setup;
  4. download, print and fill out one copy of the Federation Partner Charter in English and its appendix (all fields are mandatory);
  5. download, print and fill out one copy of the Federation Partner Charter in French (you have to fill out its appendix also, but you are not obliged to fill it in French, you can copy what you did fill in the English version);
  6. a director entitled to bind the partner’s organisation by contract signs those two copies of the charter;
  7. send both versions of the charter to:
Parc Agropolis 2
2196 Boulevard de la Lironde
Bâtiment 6
34980 Montferrier sur Lez 

Then the federation contacts designated in the Charter appendix will be notified by email that their organism has been registered in the Éducation-Recherche federation as a partner. This email provides them with the instructions to declare one or more resources.